Sometimes you need a gallon or two of rocket fuel to push your betting into the outer stratosphere if not take it to another world. 

I think, at times, we all need some high-octane tips, which make you stand back, consider, and quote: ''That bloke knows his stuff!''

One website that really hits the spot detailing horse racing information that goes beyond the norm is Group Horse Daily. I'm not sure if you have heard or witnessed the dedication and ability of this niche-specific website, but you won't forget them in a hurry. 

So what is Group Horse Daily?

It sounds a mouthful. I've been breaking in these teeth for some beast at Mick Channon's yard and while I was there the great man himself sidled over and said: ''Keep this under your hat, but here's a list of my top two-year-old horses for the season.'' Well, who wouldn't be impressed? 

The strange thing, every stable I went to afterwards...the same thing happened  - time after time. Roger Varian, Sir Micael Stoute, Mark Johnston, Ed Walker, James Fanshawe et al. Or at least that's how I remember it. Because as time past, I knew the best two-year-old horses from every stable. From the biggest training establishments to a small stable with one man and his horse. If they had a good horse - I knew it. Not only did I know the good ones with form but those which had not even set hoof on track. 

The winners come quick and fast. The information blew my mind and those who were lucky enough to get a peek. 

If you have ever wanted to know about the best horses in training - many before the race then take a look at Group Horse Daily. Try putting a little rocket fuel into your bets. 

Thanks, Mick (Converter, one of many, wins easily on debut at 16/1...)

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