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Wednesday 30 June 2010

Midweek Pointers !

I dont normally do that much midweek, however there are 2 tomorrow that could be worth having a look at if you get the chance to do some form study in the morning. They are ABRAHAM LINCOLN at Epsom and LEGAL EAGLE at Haydock, funnily enough they were both previously trained by Dandy Nicholls. Abraham Lincoln ran a good 2nd to Tajneed before running at Epsom in the competitive 6f sprint that finishes off the Derby Day meeting. I thought he ran well there and was a little bit unlucky so he may fare better in this smaller field.
At Haydock Legal Eagle gets the assistance of Jamie Spencer over 6f, however he isnt particularly well drawn in 5 as they will surely come down the rail and I'm not sure if JP will therefore adopt the only tactic he seems to know of dropping him out the back, if he does then I cant see him winning as he's more of a grinder than a fast finisher, so this is more for in running players.

There are 1 or 2 sprints on Friday, so be sure to drop in again then.