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Friday 20 August 2010

Did you feel the Power ???

No neither did I, however it was a day his owner wont forget even though they dont need the money it would seem. The sand drenched track must have been home form home for this all weather winner and he must have thought he was back at Dundalk. Overall it was a great day for the 3yo's filling the first 3 places and weve said all year that are a good bunch. The visor certianly lit up Rose Blossom who took a few lengths out of the field at the start but just couldnt maintain her run. Picadilly Filly also cut out the early pace and was able to hang on for 3rd and it is interesting that pre race his trainer said he has others just as fast at home. Starspangledbanner didnt get a very good start and after O'Brien saying that he would run his own race he seemed to forget about his 13 draw and tried to follow the pack and may have been better staying on the rail. We certainly havent seen any evidence of the fractions he does at home and maybe the stopwatch has had a malfunction somewhere along the line. The time was a second outside Dayjur's record and the race wont go down in history as one of the best. The winner now heads for France and there's every chance he could go well there too as he will get a similarly fast pace to come off. The other main contenders never really got into it and they can probably hold up the draw as a valid excuse for their dip in form.
All in all though there will be many people dissapointed with the result as it didnt give us what we all thought a close finish between Starspangledbanner and Equiano.