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Thursday 18 November 2010

Racing Dreams or Real Adventures !

You may, or may not, have wondered who the horse is that is pictured winning at the top of this page, well it is Turn on the Style who is shown winning at the Dubai festival. I'm glad to say that I have a share in the old boy who is now trying to recover from an injury which resulted from that very race. He has been an excellent horse to be involved with over the years and he has surpassed all my expectations as a shareholder with his 10 victories. I have been involved with several other not so glorious horses in the past, however I'm glad to say it didnt dampen my enthusiasm and there is no better sight in racing than watching your own horse win and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is potentially interested.

Of course you may say well where do I start, how do I go about it or who do I have a horse with. Well there are several well known racing clubs about and one that strikes me as decent value is the Middleham Park Racing Club which seems to have a steady flow of good horses at affordable prices with top trainers and a look at their website is advised. It maybe however that you are already local to a racing yard and it is well worth getting in contact with them and seeing if they have any shares for sale or horses for lease. Turn on the Style is in a syndicate run by Paul Clarkson who is a racecourse announcer in the North of England and he often has shares available in syndicates that he runs and he can be contacted via his website
If you do live in the North West area like me then a trainer who is doing well with a small amount of horses is Paul Green in Lydiate and you can fnd him at

So there you have a few names to conjure with and to see what they have got on offer, who knows next summer or winter you may be leading your own horse into the winners enclosure if you are lucky enough to find a good one !