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Friday 5 November 2010

Win, Win, Win !!

When Viv Nicholson won the football pools in the early sixties a reporter asked her what she was going to do with all the money she had won and she famously said "I'm going to Spend, Spend, Spend". Although she won £150,000.00 it's nothing like the 120 million you can win on Eurmillions these days and in any event anyone winning now would be more likely to say "I'm going to Save, Save Save" and after the good run of results for the blog in this last week maybe some of you will be able to say the latter.
Although Piscean, Sutton Veny and Anne of Kiev all came from the same race at Kempton a few weeks ago, what it shows us is that top form always prevails barring accidents and mistakes. The good thing about that Kempton race was it was run in a course record time and I have often said in the past what more a can a horse do than win in a course record time, how can it prove itself to be any better ? does it have to break the course record again. Certainly if a horse is carrying 9-10 when running on the flat and breaks a course record, then what else can it do ? It can't carry anymore weight whatever the class of race it's in and there is only 1 course record for each distance at each track, so surely it will always run well against all opposition given the same sort of conditions, if it is fit and well.
Can winning on the horses be as simple as that or do you need to pay a couple of hundred, or thousand even, for information that supposedly gives you a better chance of winning ?
Certainly the punter has never been in a better age for information than he is now with all and sundry being readily available to him whenever he needs it. I remember back at the end of the sixties when you had to turn on Grandstand on a Saturday afternoon at about 4.40pm to see the results of the races from that day and some days they didnt even put the results up, so you would be right miffed because other than going to the betting shop there was very little other way of finding out what the results actually where, Those were the days of no information, but you still managed to pick winners.
So horse racing doesnt have to be over complicated, there is no secret formula to work out, just viewing a race yourself can provide you with a lot of the required information that you can use to your own advantage, just like that Kempton race were the form has worked out and the winners have followed each other one by one.
So get looking on the various platforms for viewing races, narrow down your specialism, keep a record of what you see and hey presto your nearly there !