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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Fancy a Curley Wurly !!

Barney Curley is still keeping the pundits going in the racing press and the Weekender sees Tom Segal, Pietro Innocenzi and Alistair Whitehouse-Jones all having there two penneth worth on the betting coup on 22nd January.

The latter though is interesting under the heading "Coup chaps take the mick" the writer says "Fair play to Barney for the coup, but let's have less of him being hailed as some sort of Messiah to punters. In pulling these rabbits out of hats, Curley treats the majority of gamblers with contempt."
I think Alistair must have a short memory as in the Weekender dated 8th January(14 days before the coup) under the heading "Life a trifle duller without Curley" he eulogised over Curley's training and gambling exploits of the past and went so far as to comment that "racing needs characters like Curley" finishing the article with "Hope all is good, Barney" ! Perhaps Alistair knows more than he's letting on ? to ponder there I think.

With little National Hunt Racing on this week due to weather conditions I can indulge in my passion for All Weather sprinting action and I have been running through the form of the sprint action so far over the winter with a view to the Good Friday meeting in April and I will try and put my thoughts down over the next few days.