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Saturday 7 September 2019

Man Vs Horse (No Contest)

Horses run fast.  

Man Vs horse...we don't even need a bookmaker to chalk up the odds, hey? Any odds. Even a three-legged horse would beat the fastest man on earth.

Can you remember when Olympic Medalist Jamie Baulch went to Kempton Park (2010) and took on Brendan Powell's Peopleton Brook? You'll never guess who won! 

A Shetland pony would have given Usain Bolt a run for his money. People are thrilled by speed. The fastest of their breed. A horse can run about 40 miles per hour. What about homosapien?   About 30 miles per hour. I think Donovan Bailey, rather than Usain Bolt, achieved the fastest speed at about 31 miles per hour (this may be wrong). However, Bolt's world record of 9.58 seconds reveals an average speed of 23.35 mph. The standing start lowing the top speed. 

Greyhounds are fast. But are they faster than thoroughbred horses? Well, in the United Kingdom a top greyhound raced a top racehorse over two furlongs on a turf course. The greyhound won by seven horse lengths. 

The fastest land animal is the cheetah. Once proclaimed to be able to run a top speed on 70 miles per hour. In fact, this turned out to be wrong. There has never been a cheetah that recorded a time over 60 mph. Most run in the mid to high 50s. 

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