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Thursday 20 June 2019

Professional Gamblers: Do They Really Need Luck to Win

Professional gambler stories. 

They are always an interesting read. In some respects, they have a mythical feel. Like a knight on his trusty stead, fight a dragon with fire in its belly. To be a professional gambler takes dedication. It takes a lot of learning and understanding via trial and error. But here's a question: 

Do Gamblers Really Need Luck To Win?   

Perhaps this seems a pretty foolish question. Surely they win or lose based on skill? Well, that is certainly the case because without an advanced knowledge they are unlikely to beat the bookies. I have been a successful gambler for a number of years and still see the highs and lows. It isn't about being the best gambler in the world, just a little better than most. To understand your niche. Why a niche? Simply because there aren't enough hours in the day to know everything. Also, you don't need to know everything because you can simply bet more on what you do know. It's like you times your knowledge by 5 when you bet five times the money on your wager. I'm just saying this as an example of how to work. If you work hard at being good in your niche, you will have a fighting chance of beating the layers. 

But what about luck? Does it really play a part in successful betting? It does play its part. 

How come?

If you have ever watched a horse race closely you will see that, in truth, any number of horses may have won with a bit of luck. Sure, some horses win with ease but a horse which wins by a nose often has had a touch of luck. It may have won by a whisker. 

Also, when you get a win then a touch of luck can make the difference between a small and big win. 

The days you have a chance to win big, you would rather that horse win than a normal routine wager. I remember a few times when a huge priced winner has, basically, made my season. 

So luck does play its part.