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Sunday 20 October 2019

Can Accumulators Ever Be Good Bets?

I can pretty much guarantee you have done this bet.

The beloved or dreaded accumulator. In all honesty, what do you think of this type of bet? They are said to be the bookies favourite. Why? Because they put most of the money in their pockets. However, we've all seen those elusive big winners where ''some lucky punter'' bets £50 each-way (5-horse accumulator) and wins £100,000. Am I being cynical thinking it's the bookmakers who promote these life-changing winners!

But what place do accumulators or multi bets play in your weekly bets? Do you take advantage of these bets to:
  • Win a fortune for a small wager
  • It's just a bit of fun and makes the racing more fun
  • Done the right way this is a great bet
  • Only mug punters are foolish enough to make this stupid gamble
Each to their own. I imagine we all have an opinion. I guess that opinion depends on your success or hope. 

So would you consider, personally, an accumulator as a good or bad bet?

As a percentage bet, they are not the best option. Simply because if you bet, let's say, a Canadian which is 5 selections which consist of 26 bets: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold accumulators and a five-fold accumulator. One loser equates to a loss of 15 bets, which is a disaster.

So would a professional gambler make use of accumulators or multi bets? You may think not. However, Jack Ramsden, a renowned pro gambler in his day was said to use accumulators to make huge sums of money. 

From my experience, even betting each-way trebles, and four-horse accumulators it is hard work. 

The problem with most punters is that they use multi bets as a reason to chance their luck. This is a terrible idea. As can be seen by the loss of one selection in the Canadian bet. That is over 57% of your bet gone with one of five selections. 

So here's the answer to the problem. You have to be even more exacting with each and every selection in multi bets/accumulators. 

Is this possible when we are betting on five horses? I would consider it is hard work with three horses let alone more.

I have won decent money with each-way trebles but I am really playing on the fact they will win or (the safeguard) they are all placed. That being the insurance policy to get my stake back if not a little more. This is the sideshow to the major plan of coining it in with a major win. To, let's say, have a £10 each-way treble, which pays 200/1. In truth, you may be better off considering these as three each-way singles rather than an each-way treble as you are not stuck with the bet. At least, with the single bet approach (bet to make an each-way treble in a chronological manner) you can stop and think or try to take advantage of opportunities or problems which may arise (such as a non-runner, your horse bolting to the start or a marked drift in the betting).

Would I consider an accumulator or a multi bet as the way to go? I think if you use them selectively they can be an ok bet. Each selection needs to be very confident. However, how many times do you have three cracking bets going on a day?


What do you think?