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Friday 4 October 2019

Can You Win Playing Roulette?

As readers may now, I enjoy a night at the Grosvenor at Great Yarmouth. Shadingfield Lodge used to be a place where Edward VII resided, a friend of the owner. Now this listed building is frequented by gamblers looking to make some ''easy'' cash. 

My cousin Danny, said: ''I sat on the same thrown as the King of England.'' 

I think the lavatories have changed since his day but you never know. 

I am not that keen on betting at casinos simply because they are all about fixed odds which, basically, means long term you are guaranteed to lose. If you watch YouTube videos regarding systems you'd believe that following x,y,z... if a sure-fire winner. I'm pretty sure any mathematician will tell you that it is mumbo jumbo. Even with my ''limited mind'' I've left a few comments stating it simply cannot work. Well, from a statistical point of view you can't win because the house edge means you are odds-against. As it happens, you are better playing roulette that just about any other game. In the UK, in the casino takes 2.7%. It's a minimal sum but £27 in every thousand soon adds up. 

I only bet small stakes at the casino and play roulette, which is boring as watching paint dry after a couple of hours. Well, unless you're winning then it's all the fun of the fair. 

Believe it or not, but I have won decent money. I have returned a profit the last eight or nine times I have been the Grosvenor at Yarmouth. If you get lucky and win early in the evening you can either win or lose a small amount. 

There is no logic to how I play but it does seem to work to a point. I look to see which numbers have come up in the last twenty spins and chose one and simply bet on that number religiously. I bet no more than £50. Either 50p or £1 chips. So you can see it is very low key. I could bet a lot more but I feel as though I'm tempting fate and for the most part it is just a little bit of fun on an evening after going to the races. If you get lucky early and your number comes in you are pretty much guaranteed to be a winner or little to lose. 

If you have a number pop up a few times you can easily go home with £100+. 

We have been to the Grosvenor Casino at Great Yarmouth many times and it really is a splendid location. If you take your ticket from the horse racing you get a free £5 match bet and free alcoholic drink. So, basically, it is the equivalent of being given £10 to turn up. Clearly, they hope you lose your shirt but if only betting small stakes you have turned the house edge into a small profit with a free £10 in the mix. 

Perhaps that is the reason I have made perhaps £500 profit over the last couple of years. It is something and nothing. However, I would rather be winning £500 than losing it. Considering most punters lose it is a moral victory. 

If you are in Great Yarmouth or the bordering towns and cities it is a place worth of your time. The listed building is a pleasure to all these modern casinos which sit snuggly in a box. 

If you have a story to tel about winning or losing at the casino I would love to hear.