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Tuesday 11 February 2020

Horse Racing Tipster Competition

I've been involved with horse racing for at least three decades and running websites and blogs for a good few years. 

It surprises me how few decent Horse Racing Tipping Competitions are out there. Well, those where a punter pay let's say £10 entry fee for a winner takes all prize. That's why I founded Bloody Good Winner. It's a Saturday tipping competition which takes place every month. Basically, it's like you have a small bet of £2.50 on Saturday for the month. It's a bet that you probably bet without thinking. If you fancy your chance it's akin to you backing a 17/1 (£10 x 17 players = £170). 

Over the years Bloody Good Winner has seen prize money of many thousands of pounds go to a pretty small number of entrants. At present, we have just 18 players and a winning prize of £170 (plus your stake back £180). It's hardly a fortune, but it is a tidy sum for those who stick their neck over the finishing line. One or two players have won about £1000, which is a huge return on investment. 

This month saw a new player David V take the prize money. Beginner's luck or a touch of class? Time will tell. Next month we will see all the entrants looking forward to this new competition. 

Are you interested in taking part in our little horse racing tipster competition? Just for £10 you have the chance to win big. When you consider you need only to win once in about every one-and-a-half years to break even you have plenty of time to collect. 

Get ready for the first Saturday every month. Simply contact to join the fun. If you help promote the competition I may even give you a free entry. 

Take a look at our promotional video here to learn more about the rules.