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Monday 16 March 2020

Will Coronavirus Stop Horse Racing?

The world is struggling with the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Sport is almost at a standstill. However, horseracing is still taking place until the end of March, with hopes it may carry on behind closed doors. 

Whether this will happen or not - only time will tell. 

Considering horses are the athletes (as are the jockeys) it will be interesting to see if horseracing continues. If racing is stopped it will have huge repercussions for the racing industry. 

Who is going to want to have a horse in training if it doesn't race? 

Perhaps horseracing and greyhound racing will continue. I'm sure the majority of people who work within the industry would like to continue in their roles. Clearly, whatever happens, the wheels of industry need to keep turning. If horseracing does continue behind closed doors it will be one sport that can be televised and be a rare sporting entertainment. Many people may think banning the sport is the only answer but it would be positive if it continues simply because compared to many sports it can. 

The Grand National is the next big race scheduled for the 4th of April. 

The decision of whether the Grand National goes ahead will probably be the answer to its continuation for the season. It would be a beacon of hope that the world of sport cannot be halted and a spectacle that will be even more poignant in the fight to respond to the impending fears. 

Only time will tell.