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Saturday 5 August 2023

Why has a bookmaker closed my account?

Why has a bookmaker closed my account?
Bookmakers may close an account for various reasons, ranging from risk management to suspicions of fraudulent activity. While specific circumstances can vary, here are some common reasons why a bookmaker might decide to close your account:

Arbitrage Betting: 

Bookmakers may close accounts if they suspect the customer is engaging in arbitrage betting, which involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event across different bookmakers to ensure a profit. This practice is often frowned upon by bookmakers as it guarantees winnings and can lead to financial losses for them.

Gambler comment: No different to what they do with the overround!

Consistently Winning: 

If a bettor consistently wins and profits from their wagers, it can pose a risk to the bookmaker's profitability. While professional gambling is legal and valid, sustained success might prompt a bookmaker to limit or close an account to mitigate potential losses.

Gambler comment: They win millions over a year and terrified of someone who wins a few quid and limit an each-way treble to 57p. 

Unusual Betting Patterns: 

Unusual betting patterns or sudden, large bets that deviate from the norm can raise suspicions of match-fixing or insider information. Bookmakers are vigilant about such activity to maintain the integrity of the betting market.

Gambler comment: The only thing which isn't unusual is that they won't take a decent bet on a horse race but take all the money in the world on fixed odds betting. Strange, hey!

Abuse of Promotions: 

Some bettors exploit promotions, bonuses, or free bets offered by bookmakers without using them for their intended recreational purposes. Bookmakers may close accounts if they suspect customers are abusing these offers.

Gambler comment: They don't mind giving a ridiculous promotion to a new customer to get them hooked on 'winning without work' (that's what they do not the gambler). And they will even go the extra mile and give you VIP treatment if you spill your guts like some old dear on laxatives. But God forbid you happen to get lucky and win a few quid. They'll soon limit your account.    

Violation of Terms and Conditions: 

Failure to comply with a bookmaker's terms and conditions, such as providing false information during registration or attempting to manipulate odds, can result in account closure.

Gambler comment: Basically it means if you fail to lose money on a regular basis they will have some kind of childlike fit. All they do is manipulate odds and people. 

Duplicate Accounts: 

Opening multiple accounts under different names or using false identities is a violation of most bookmakers' rules and can lead to closure of accounts.

Gambler comment: Trust me, if you had 100 losing accounts under the name Rowdy Roddy Piper they wouldn't question anything!

Credit Risk: 

If a bettor is consistently betting with credit or fails to settle outstanding debts promptly, the bookmaker may choose to close the account due to concerns about credit risk.

Gambler comment: I don't think there's one bookmaker who would give you credit. Well, perhaps one of those losing VIP monkeys if they have blown a mill' 

Reselling Tips or Insider Information: 

Selling or sharing betting tips, inside information, or strategies may lead to account closure, as it can compromise the integrity of the betting market.

Gambler comment: I think every bookmaker who is winning millions has compromised the integrity of the betting market. 

Lack of Activity: 

Some bookmakers may close accounts that have been inactive for an extended period as part of their account management practices.

Gambler comment: There's nothing worse than a gambler who doesn't lose money fast enough. 

Jurisdictional Restrictions: 

Bookmakers operate under specific regulations and licenses in different jurisdictions. If a bettor attempts to access the platform from a restricted region or country, the bookmaker might close the account to comply with legal requirements.

Gambler comment: If you've lost a fortune, and holidaying in Florida, just tell them you want to lose more cash and they will pay for your very own VPN. They'll probably lend you a laptop too if you don't have one.  

Unsatisfactory Verification Process: 

Bookmakers often require identity verification as part of their Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. If a bettor fails to provide satisfactory verification documents or the information provided raises suspicions, the bookmaker may close the account.

Gambler comment: There will never be a problem if you lose even if you send your passport with a photo of Mickey Mouse. If you win, whatever you send in will be questioned. And you will be accused of betting for someone else. If that doesn't work they will link you with the Mafia and say you are money laundering.   


It's important to note that while bookmakers have the right to close accounts, they should provide clear reasons for their decision. If you believe your account has been closed unfairly or without proper justification, you may attempt to resolve the issue by contacting customer support. However, bookmakers ultimately have the authority to determine account status based on their terms and conditions.

Gambler comment: They don't need to close your account they just restrict your bets to 50p so you have no choice but to close it yourself. 

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