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Saturday 21 January 2012

Master List 2012

Well my list of sprinters to follow for 2012 has taken a little while to research and put together.
I have not included any horses from last seasons list as I have tried to find those that are still improving and may be capable of winning two ot three races throughout the year.
Obviously horses like Deacon Blues, Hoof It, Bated Breath, Society Rock Pastoral Player, Hawkeyethenoo, Eton Rifles and of course the mighty Black Caviar should be kept at the top of anyone's thoughts for the major sprint honours and each horse on the list should be rated against the strength of the opposition that they are running against on the day and I will be reviewing most of the big sprints.
Only time will tell how the good the list is but it's something to get you thinking whilst your waiting for the flat season to commence at the end of March.
As the season progresses I will try and keep the page up to date as much as I can by adding trainers quotes and assessment or races etc.
I have also put on a seperate page a list of three year olds who may shine in the sprint division for that age group and we can chart their progress through the flat season.
I may add one or two more sprinters to the list before the season commences and the list will be accessible via a link under "Pages" at the top right of the main page.
If there any horses that you think are suitable for inclusion please let me know and I will give them consideration.