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Tuesday 1 October 2019

Betting Strategy: Which Niche Is Best?

In this modern world of betting - there are literally thousands of ways to make money. Yes, that's correct to make your betting pay. 

To make money gambling is the same as any worker in their trade or business. They make money simply (the hard way) by learning their trade. The expert in any business makes more than the novice. They have a greater understanding by way of experience, talent or knowing someone/thing which affords privileged information. 

It is always better to be the source of your knowledge. Because if not, you are reliant on someone else and mostly they will always want their pound of flesh or cold, hard cash. If they hear you are making £10,000 a week gambling and you are paying them £1,000 for the info, don't be surprised if they knock on your door for more money. You are at their mercy. And, to be honest, most people aren't keen on making people money for nothing. 

How do you make money gambling? 

It's simple. I can imagine you are all ears. Well, the theory is simple. You need to know your niche well. You need to understand to just a level that you can buck the trend of following the crowd. For instance, instead of betting on the favourite in a given horse race, you are searching for a huge price winner whether win or each way. Now, knowing that isn't easy. Perhaps one in 20 races see a big price winner (20/1). The angle being, that if betting on the exchanges you will be getting double or treble the odds given by traditional bookmakers. You can see the advantage and logic behind such reasoning. If you can find a way to understand how to select horses that will run big races at huge odds, and one in so many wins, then you could well be in profit. In truth, it can be any sport or niche within your chosen expertise. Unless you are an expert within your niche you will not win simply because there will be a layer who knows more. 

This is the whole philosophy. 

It's the same as playing chess. If you know that old bloke down the street will give you a thrashing week in week out, you need to raise your game. In that sense, gambling/winning has nothing to do with money. In fact, the more you imagine it is about betting money the more you will lose. It is a game of knowledge first - betting second. It astounds me how little seasoned gamblers understand. They just don't learn from day one to day one thousand (I was going to say one million but the average life of a man is 29,000 days (80-years-old). Would you go to university for three years and return with the same level of intelligence as when you started? I imagine not. You would be thrown off the course before you got to the point of completion. You would be told to try harder, work harder and achieve a higher standard.

Each to their own. 

It makes no difference to me if you learn or standstill. In many ways, if you are a layer of horses, I hope you don't know as much as me. 

The best niche is the niche you enjoy and one which you follow and enjoy with a passion that sees you through the highs and lows of your gambling journey. 

I remember years ago watching a TV programme about a bloke who worked in the antique trade. He summed it up nicely when he said: ''I don't need to know everything, just a little more than most.'' 

And when you think about it, that is true for all aspects of life whether gambling, business or profession.  

If you know your niche well you have an opportunity to succeed. 

You may see any number of people working in a given trade. Consider a salesman selling iPhones. You can guarantee someone within the company sells more than anyone and makes a commission probably five times that of your average seller. They have learned what sells. They are better. Somehow, they have crafted their skills to a point that others question who they do it. 

That is exactly where you need to be.