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Sunday 15 August 2021

Gambling at Great Yarmouth

It has been a busy time of late.

Although not in a bad way. A rollercoaster of travel which saw us leave West Palm Beach, Florida non-stop to Great Yarmouth. Yes, I'm sure many readers will be thinking that would be better in reverse. 

However, after spending a couple of months in West Palm Beach, it was good to return home to the UK with my beautiful Marlene. It's been one big adventure. Lots of fun and joy. 

Along with visiting Key Largo and Key West, a beautiful wedding of a friend and enjoying each and every moment, it was good to drive to Miami Airport ready to fly home. It is as boring as anything travelling alone so it was great to have Marlene by my side. I didn't enjoy the flight. I've got little legs, but there's never enough room. Although I think it is more trying to get settled sitting than anything else. 

So we travelled from Miami to Gatwick, dropped bags off home in March, Cambs, and got the train to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. 

It was a tiring day's travel, which meant we didn't get any sleep for well over 24-hours. 

I was pleased to get a taxi from the railway station (Albies Taxis) and get to Andover House Hotel, Camperdown, Great Yarmouth. We had the attic room, which was booked last year, so I got in early. Forty-two stairs up to the room. Thank the Lord, I'm not a heavy drinker. It was a lovely room and the staff are excellent. We arrived on the 18th September, ready for a day at Great Yarmouth's 3-day Eastern Festival on the 19th (also known as Ladies' Day). 

Previously, Marlene had got in the last 10 of the Best Dressed Ladies and low and behold she did it again. Derek Thompson announced the second and third price, which meant she had a one in eight chance of winning. It would have been lovely if she had - but it wasn't to be. However, the whole occasion was lovely, meeting lots of people along the way and just splendid from start to finish. I would recommend a day's racing to anyone, even if they don't like horse racing. 

That evening we went to Pamela's Resturant which is a real jewel in the crown of places to eat in the whole of Norfolk. 

So I had one day at the races to bet. What happened. Nothing much. I had a small each-way bet in a nursery race. Finished down the field. And an each-way double (two relatively short-priced horses) with the first winning, while the second runner finished third after putting up a bold show. So basically breaking even on the day. I went to the Grosvenor Casino on Wednesday night, to say hello to the family who was on holiday too. I was so tired, I wasn't there more than an hour. 

Cousins, Danny and Paul, were playing three card brag. Paul had won a good deal of money on the Monday evening so spirits were high. It was lovely to see everyone. 

Looking forward to getting back there soon.