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Thursday 24 October 2019

Betting Strategy: The Recipe to the Secret Sauce

Of course, it's important to find winners. Without those, you will struggle to make your racing pay. If your racing doesn't pay or at least break even you really should question what you are doing. 

A small loss per annum may be considered a fair price to pay for an enjoyable, enthusiastic hobby. 

However, if betting costs your big money, then give it up as a bad job. 

It's a funny thing but the understanding, discipline, and method of how you bet can make a big difference to your profits. This new season, I am looking to use the exact information and make much more money. You may say: ''How is that possible?''

Well, it is if you understand your medium. Am I going to tell you how to do it? 


A few of these posts have been submitted to Reddit and I have received comments requesting a little more data to taste the secret sauce. I don't wish to be mean, because I am a very generous person, but if you have a way to make money are you, honestly, going to reveal it in an article for the world and his wife to take advantage? 

I don't think so. Don't expect me to be giving anything of real worth away in these posts. 

I'm sure many readers will view those words with contempt and question why do I want to read your post. 

However, most understanding comes from a seed of thought. And that, alone, can be worth its weight in gold. 

If you keep losing, those losers are trying to tell you something. Those words aren't meant to be cruel or deceiving. They may seem a little blunt and hard but they are similarly honest and true. They are saying you are looking in the wrong direction. 

You see that winner in the 2:40 Haydock, look and learn why that horse won and you will begin to understand what makes a winner. Refine those skills and you will be looking in the right direction. 

So if you want to taste the secret sauce, I suggest you start making your own recipe or find one from your old gran hidden in a dusty, old book.