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Monday 21 October 2019

What's the Most Money You Have Seen Someone Bet?

It is staggering how much money some people bet. 

The first question which comes to mind: ''Where did they get all their money from?'' It may be earned, inherited or just winnings from a successful life of gambling.

With quick transactions at the racecourse, you are lucky to see any large bets placed. Perhaps if you watch the rails bookmakers like a hawk you may see a few big bets placed. Although few people in this day and age want to walk about a busy racecourse with thousands of pounds in pocket. Most have accounts or their word is good enough to say: '' One thousand to five.'' 

It makes me smile that pickpockets used to be a familiar problem at the racecourse. Some well-meaning commentators would say be careful because pickpockets had struck. You know what I'm going to say...

You noticed everyone checking to see if their wallet was still in their pocket, giving the light-fingered thief even more reason to strike.

Considering how fleeting a bet can be placed on course it is no surprise to appreciate the best chance you have of seeing a big bettor is at the casino. I have seen a couple of punters who bet significant amounts of money at Great Yarmouth and Luton Grosvenor Casino. 

The funny thing is I have seen both men betting like money was going out of fashion and they had their wives with them at the table. Perhaps they had their hand on the purse strings although, from what I saw, that was about as likely as them winning long term. 

I mentioned a bloke named Graham who I bumped into many times at Great Yarmouth. I say bumped into... I didn't have a chance to chat with him bar him commenting that I should have left my bet on number 5 when amazingly it came up three times on the trot. I wish I had left it on too but the likelihood of those potential huge winnings would have been as remote as could be in reality. We are talking 37 x 37 x 37 = 50653/1. I think I would be waiting for a long time and losing a lot of money before I collected £42,875 (the actual odds of winning). 

Anyway, those were Graham's words of wisdom. 

You can read about Graham's Luck on this post: He Won £10,000 at the Casino. Why Stop Betting?

It does make me wonder where these people get their money from. With roulette being fixed-odds it seems a given that he will be losing money long term. Perhaps these people have little interest whether money won or lost.

The next punter was very strange but not lacking in cash. 

This was my first visit to Luton Grosvenor Casino. This venue made for a good night out and entertainment. There was a music act on and a fun crowd. 

I was betting very small money on the roulette table and having some luck. An Asian man was playing, his wife perched at the table drinking a cup of tea. He covered the table with £100 chips and looked to be betting £1,000 a spin. It was hardly Las Vegas but for Luton, he was pretty much a high roller. 

Over a period of an hour or so he lost £15,000. He seemed to be the unluckiest punter in town as he didn't win a jot. I watched him play. What struck me was his expressionless face and behaviour. Win or lose (there wasn't much winning) his expression was the same. I had more emotion at the loss of my £1 chip that he did at £1,000. It seemed very unusual. However, perhaps he had so much money that it really didn't matter. I guess if you bet big money you need to keep some kind of reserve simply because if becoming irritate someone may think it was his last £15,000 rather than pocket money. 

He ran out of chips. Walked away from the table. He wasn't finished. 

I changed up my winnings to three £25 chips and walked to the counter to cash in.  As I got to the kiosk who should be there...

The Asian man getting his hands on more chips. The whole counter was covered in £500 chips, to the sum of £30,000 if not more. 

I have no idea how his evening finished but he certainly didn't lack funds. 

Good luck to all.