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Monday 21 June 2021

Dream Horse Film Release: A Dream Alliance

If you love rags to riches stories, then you will love Dream Horse. 

Most people associate breeding and owning a thoroughbred racehorse with the rich and famous. However, Jan Vokes, a Welsh cleaner and bartender had a dream to breed and rear a horse. This madness intertwined with a touch of magic helped persuade friends and neighbours of a Welsh village to contribute to the goal. 

The horse was named Dream Alliance because they all had a dream and paying £10 a week the alliance hoped beyond hope they would have a horse that could win a race. 

This story follows a journey of hope, dreams, toils, and tribulations. 

Dream Alliance was a working-class horse from a similar background but he would show the grit and determination of a Welsh village who had fallen upon hard times and needed, more than ever, something to give them faith that anything is possible if you believe. 

Dream Horse is released in the United Kingdom on 17 April 2020. 

Directed by Euros Lyn from a screenplay by Neil McKay. Major stars include Toni Collette and Damian Lewis. 

Readers may remember the story of Dream Alliance was originally made back in 2015 and called: Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance. 

It was released on 23 January 2015 at the Sundance Film Festival and later for general release on 17th April 2015. 

Directed by Louise Osmond it was very well received and holds an approval rate of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes:  "Dark Horse offers a thoroughly crowd-pleasing look at an incredible — and inspirational — real-life story that will thrill equine enthusiasts and novices alike."

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