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Thursday 7 October 2021

Free Horse Racing Tips

You never know who is searching the net. 

I received an email from Neil C, asking if I was interested in selling horse racing info. 

Firstly, I like people who introduce themselves and have money to put on the table. I bet you think, yes you would because you're interested in the money. You know what, you would be 100% wrong. 

I say that because I don't have anything to sell. 

That isn't completely true as I could easily sell my tips but I don't want to as it's a thankless task and a distraction from making money myself. I'd rather enjoy horse racing for me. 

Who wants to be held accountable for a paltry sum? To be honest, I would have to be earning an additional £40,000+ a year to be bothered with the hassle. Unless I could secure that level of investment I really wouldn't want to share my info or time (the latter is more important). 

Neil asked me about selling info to him. 

I enjoyed his email because it was well written, courteous and grateful for my time. (As I am of him for taking the time to write and take an interest in Craig's Betting Blog and Talkbet, where he contacted me).

I invited him to subscribe to Group Horse because it is informative and free of charge. I mentioned that I am adding to the mailings so we will be sending on a weekly basis because two mailings a year are positively sedentary. 

We'll never simply fire emails at subscribers as a way of filling our pockets at the expense of the receiver. It's disgusting and self-interested. 

I've paid for a couple of online courses and every other email is trying to sell something. I do find this a touch irritating. It seems the nature of the beast that once you're on a mailing list they just cannot help but keep going to the well. I think website and blog owners need to respect those who are good enough to sign up for whatever they offer without becoming a pain in the arse. 

We will never get to that point. It has to be 99% free stuff and 1% selling. Clearly, we need to make money along the way but I intend to sell products that actually make money and something that cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, we give a guarantee that if we do not live up to expectations you will get a full refund. You may not appreciate this point but sending emails can be a very expensive business. ConvertKit charges $119 a month to send to 10,000 subscribers. I think the price is bordering on criminal. In fact, if you send monthly mailings to 105,000 subscribers it cost $679 (a month). What on Earth is that all about.  

As far as selling horse racing tips go, I think the industry is stuck in the dark ages. Their marketing is literally dire and lacks imagination. 

I'm not going to say too much about how I am going to work and what I will be offering but it will be something that punters are looking forward to receiving at an affordable price. 

If you want to be part of our journey to ventures new, then subscribe to Group Horse because you will be impressed by what we have to offer and especially the new approaches we will be introducing this year. 

Thanks for your support. 

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