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Wednesday 1 September 2021

There's Nowt So Queer as Folk

Even though I come from the Fens I like this Yorkshire saying: ''There's nowt so queer as folk.'' 

I like to think I'm a good, kind, decent, and generous person. 

Words are always open to interpretation and I'm sure a few people have read my blog posts with varied thoughts. It depends on the quality of the post and the topic. 

At times, I have been a bit annoyed by something and I'm sure people have considered I'm a half-mad grumpy old man, and a bit full-on in my belief I know more about two-year-old horse racing than just about anyone on planet Earth. 

If you worked to understand your niche for over 30-years I'd be disappointed if you didn't think the same. I'd question what you'd been doing to learn so little over the duration. 

I hate to say it, but I believe in the quote: ''No good deed goes unpunished.'' 

You do someone a favour and by the time it comes to bringing the lawnmower back they've convinced themselves it really belongs to them and it's a pain in the arse bring it back. Or the other scenario when they bring it back and you find when you try to use it again - it's broken. 

''It was perfectly fine the last time I used it,'' says the borrower. 

(Yes, of course, it was!).

As The Doors classic 1967 song goes: ''People are strange when you're a stranger.''

Anyway, I have a mailing list in which horse racing fans can subscribe. It doesn't cost them anything. Readers receive 10 Dark Horses, which, basically, detailed a denary of unraced or lightly-raced two-year-old horses. Not just any old horses but exceptional talents. 

Being a generous soul, I thought I would add some more quality info for readers. And I mean quality. 

Here is a rundown of the new info that will be mailed about once a week. 

Now, by joining, readers will receive:

  • 10 Dark Horse Mailing
  • Secret Gambler Diary
  • Top Trainer Secrets
  • Group Horse Daily 
  • Pro Tips 
  • Speculative Tips 
  • Quality Articles
  • Psychological Edge

To be fair, the tips will be few and far between. Probably just 10 or so a year. But everything is top quality. And I mean above and beyond the norm. You know, all this stuff takes time. I think a lot of people imagine they are doing me a favour by joining the ''bloody'' list. If anyone really thinks that well they can go and jump off a cliff. They will probably be following a favourite horse.

You know what happened?

I had four people unsubscribe. 

I truly couldn't care if everyone unsubscribed because it makes sod all difference to me. In fact, I would have more time to please my self.  

So, strangely, you give more value and some people are seemingly offended or turned off by the addition. 

Mailchimp forwards the new subscribers and those who unsubscribe. I could, in theory, contact the unsubscribers and ask why they jumped out of the plane. I won't because I respect people's opinions but, similarly, don't want to be bogged down, depressed, or on the cliff edge with them by reading some bizarre logic. I'm sure a word or two on the infamous mailing may have irritated the few. 

I did mention that we have a maximum of 2,000 subscribers so make sure you read each and every email else the account may (I may have said will) be deleted. 

I said I may sell online courses in the future. That I will guarantee will make people money (more than the cost of the course, that's for sure).

That may have irritated someone who has short arms and deep pockets. 

Who knows...

I'm not going to ask them to find out. I know I should for the sake of market research but I cannot be around negative people. They are the equivalent of a bloodsucker who enjoys sapping your hard-earned energy and unlikely to give you anything back. 

As my good friend Eric Winner says: ''There are too many takers.''

Sadly, there are too many takers. I don't bump into many, as I don't give too much away these days because I have learned a few lessons along the way. 

It really is something and nothing. 

And I am sure I am a fully-fledged member of the Grumpy Old Man Club. 

I guess it is simply the fact of giving more and somehow someone is offended. 

''How dare he give me more...''

''The front of that bloke to give added value...''

''The beast...''

''I'm going to unsubscribe.''

Here's my response.

Good. Thanks for departing the little world I live in. I have created it to please me. And that's the way it is going to continue. 

That's to the four bloodsuckers who turned left at the sign detailing 1 mile to the town There's Nowt So Queer As Folk. 

I'm awaiting more unsubscribers with this sitting on the horizon.