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Monday 19 April 2021

Betting Like You Drink a Pornstar Martini

Strangely, the first time I heard about the infamous Pornstar Martini wasn't standing erect at the bar with Ron Jeremy (if you know who he is). I think there's something sadly wrong with anyone who stars in a porno. 

It was a horse race. The said horse, Pornstar Martini, trained by Henry Candy, proceeded to cruise past the opposition over five-furlongs at Chepstow on a heady, summer afternoon.

Anyway, you may be thinking 'What's this post all about?'

I often think the same.

I've been in a few dens of iniquity. Most didn't feature immoral or grossly unfair behaviour. 

For example, when out with friends, at the casino, not one of the crew has asked for a snowball or a black stallion? 

But does the drink a punter (gambler not corner street) chooses reflect the how much or little they bet. 

There's clearly no logic to this thought, unless you know different. I very much doubt a social psychologist has hypothesized that the lower the cost of your drink the more a gambler bets or conversely the more a gambler bets the more expensive their drink. 

I can't help thinking the latter is true. Simply that if a punter pays £500 for a bottle of champagne they are more likely to bet a monkey (£500) on the 6/4 jolly. 

Who knows?

I've never met anyone who have asked or drank a pornstar martini. 

Would that be a man or a woman? 

Both give varied thoughts. 

The pornstar martini was created in 1999 by Douglas Ankrah. And to be fair, it was a superb promotional tool. He owns the LAB London bar, London. 

I guess it got its name because the vanilla-flavoured vodka-based drink has one part passion fruit juice. Garnished with passion fruit. 

In fact, the pornstar martini is said to be the most popular cocktail in the United Kingdom. 

I must be going to the wrong places. 

The creation of the pornstar martini has proved to be controversial with many saying it's name is deliberately provocative. 

Ankrah has stated he is not a fan of pornography or any porn star. However, some have criticised the drink as normalising pornography and Marks & Spencers renamed the drink Passion Star Martini. 

I can safely say I will never go to Great Yarmouth races and be seen in the owners and trainers marquee sipping a pornstar martini with or without Ron Jeremy. He's got enough problems with his impending court case, which I won't go into. 

If it's your favourite drink. 

Good luck. 

Photo: Pixabay free for commercial use no attribution but given