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Monday 5 April 2021

Katie Walsh tells the Female Jockeys History of the Grand National

One of the most popular horse races. 

The Grand National over a distance of 4m and 3 1/2f. Thirty fences to test the expertise of horse and jockey. On the 10th April, Aintree, Liverpool, we could see a historic race. And to be fair, there have been hundreds of stories dating back to the inaugural running in 1839 when a horse named Lottery chanced his luck. 

So why could this year's race be so different from all those before? 

Just consider for a moment if a female jockey rode the winner of the Grand National. What would than mean to you, me, race fans across the world?

Betway racing ambassador Katie Walsh has a few words on that subject. 

It would be one of the greatest stories and it would be something that could literally change the world. 

The world is changing fast. It is an opportunity to see re-write the rules. Through competition we can achieve the greatest successes. 

Only 17 female jockeys have been given the chance to compete in the greatest steeplechase of them all. 

Did you know that Katie Walsh finished third place in the 2012 grand National when she partnered Seabass?

Watch this fascinating video detailing the history of the Grand National from a female perspective.