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Sunday 23 March 2014

Boom bang a bang !

The Spring Double used to be a bigger bet than it is nowadays in the past and many big gambles were landed over the years. I don't know about you but I often spend hours pouring over the form to find a winner only for my partner to then pick up the paper and make a selection based on the colours or something about the name and she always seems to finish on top. Well for the spring double this year how about these two names of horses for starters - in next Saturdays Lincoln Boomshackerlacker and in the Grand National Shakalakaboomboom - now that would take coincidence bets to the limit, but in saying that they will both get into each race and both have a live chance of making the frame. The latter was leading coming to the second last in 2012 Grand National and the race has distance has since been reduced.
I will leave you to ponder over that double but stranger things have happened ??

Yesterday Addictive Dream didn't break well enough to get the lead and consequently had to be rushed up to get a position which as we all know making a move of speed early always negates the speed in the final furlong. He was then taken on for the lead and was crowded up the straight which doesn't suit him at all. He should be kept in mind as there will be more opportunities along the way.

Next week of course sees the start of the flat season and I for one cant wait to get stuck into the sprint races starting with the Cammidge Trophy at Doncaster.

Good Luck